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        1. Hello, welcome to Foshan Dan Qi paper products Co., Ltd. official website.!

          Internationalization is the standard and dedicated to improving customer brand.

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          Contact us
          Contact us

          If you have any suggestions, complaints or needs for us, you can tell us by message.

          We will understand and contact you in the first place.

          Contact us

          Ms Xu

          Mobile phone: 13923288896

          QQ: 28396109

          Cheng Tong wave

          Mobile phone: 13630073559


          Tel: 0757-87570988

          Fax: 0757-87570788

          Mailbox: sale@danky.cn

          Address: No. 11, Ferry Road North, South Bank of Sanshui District, Foshan

          Record number: 粵ICP備粵ICP備18111067號

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