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        1. Hello, welcome to Foshan Dan Qi paper products Co., Ltd. official website.!

          Internationalization is the standard and dedicated to improving customer brand.

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          Cardboard bucket Whole paper bucket Wire bucket 紙桶配件 方紙桶 紙管

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          醫藥紙桶 化工紙桶 食品包裝紙桶 線纜紙桶 白乳膠紙桶 彩色紙桶 鐵箍紙板桶 覆鋁膜紙桶 豬油紙桶 豆瓣醬紙桶 辣椒醬紙桶 Production equipment

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          Ms Xu

          Mobile phone: 13923288896

          QQ: 28396109

          Cheng Tong wave

          Mobile phone: 13630073559


          Tel: 0757-87570988

          Fax: 0757-87570788

          Mailbox: sale@danky.cn

          Address: No. 11, Ferry Road North, South Bank of Sanshui District, Foshan

          Record number: 粵ICP備粵ICP備18111067號

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